Shades, hose, and wigs

Headband sunglasses, late 1960s

Headband sunglasses, late 1960s

LIFE magazine reported in their 9 January 1970 issue on American trends during the 1960s including some surprising sales figures on fashion items.

Sunglasses showed a healthy increase in sales from $14.5 million in 1960 to $39 million in 1969. Pantyhose, which had been on the market since 1959, suddenly spiked in popularity, showing an increase of over three fold in just one year, from 200 million pairs sold in 1968 to 624 million pairs sold in 1969. And most surprising of all were wig sales that expanded from $35 million in 1960 to $500 million in 1969. And how were all these paid for? Credit card sales also grew in the 1960s, from $8 billion in 1960 to $17.5 billion in annual sales nine years later.

Fadshions – 1964 Beatles fashions

Men’s ankle boots with elastic gores and Cuban heels became known as Chelsea or Beatles boots in 1964, but that same year there were more than just boots inspired by the Beatles: