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Patent Fashion – Personal Flotation Device, 1915

Perhaps not a fashion, but it is worn… Moved by the tragedy of the Titanic, Norwegian-born¬†former sailor (who had been shipwrecked three times), John Edlund (1874 – 1957), invented a personal life saving device and patented the idea in 1915. … Continue reading

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Fashion and Reality – What to wear on the Titanic

This is a bit of coincidence… The colour photograph is of a mannequin we put together for an exhibition at a local museum that was hosting the R.M.S. Titanic travelling exhibition.¬†Just recently I discovered this black and white image of … Continue reading

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Film and Fashion – Titanic (2012)

Here is a topic I have been both anxious to comment on and avoiding for a very long time because I know there will be dissent. I vividly recall watching A Night to Remember on television in the late 1960s … Continue reading

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