Canadian Fashion Connection – Galt Knitting Company

View of factory in Galt, c. 1914

Founded in 1881 by Adam Warnock, the Galt Knitting Co. manufactured knitted cotton undergarments as well as knitted shoe and boot linings. The company was renamed Tiger Brand Knitting Company in 1954 after a line of men’s underwear they had been producing with a tiger trademark as early as c. 1914. The company manufactured a variety of knitted cotton garments (mostly fashion sportswear – T-shirts etc.) under the Tiger brand. In the late 1980s they also manufactured a line under the label ‘Non-Fiction’. The company sought bankruptcy protection in late 2004. The business was sold to an offshore numbered company in 2005 and production was moved to China. The old factory seen in the 1914 advertisement above lay empty for a few years before being retrofitted into lofts in 2008.