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Patent Fashions – Sweater clip

The spring clip used on the back to hold a sweater in place over your shoulders are especially designed to hold firm but not snag the knit. The original design, (1,981,740) patented in 1934, was just a jaw and tended … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Tundra sweaters

In 1904, twenty-one year old Moishe Halparin fled to Winnipeg with his father and younger brother from the pogroms of Russia. In 1909 he married Clara Fiskin and after his first business venture in wholesale meat failed, Halparin bought a … Continue reading

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Canadian Fashion Connection – Robin Kay

If you had to choose the most controversial character in Canadian fashion history, Robin Kay would probably win. Robin Kay was born in 1950 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In 1969 she did the hippy thing and left home to bum around … Continue reading

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Fashion and Reality – What to wear on the Titanic

This is a bit of coincidence… The colour photograph is of a mannequin we put together for an exhibition at a local museum that was hosting the R.M.S. Titanic travelling exhibition.┬áJust recently I discovered this black and white image of … Continue reading

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