Shop Windows – Knocking off Schiaparelli in 1939

I ran across this undated window of Arnold Constable & Co. and I suspect these are knock-offs of Schiaparelli’s summer 1939 collection that was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Eiffel tower”


Undated photo of store window in Arnold Constable & Co., New York, with what looks like versions of Schiaparelli’s summer 1939 bustle collection

the 100th post! – Canadian Fashion Connection – Morgan’s department store

Advertisment for Schiaparelli hats at Morgan’s, from ‘The Montrealer’ April 1958

Morgan’s was a Montreal-based department store founded as a dry good mercantile by Scottish immigrant Henry Morgan in 1845. After a rocky financial start, Henry Morgan brought in his brother James as an investor and partner and in 1852 the company was renamed Henry Morgan & Company. The following year the store moved to a premises on McGill St. and later expanded around the corner onto Notre Dame. In 1866 the store moved to St. James street at Victoria Square but by 1889 this venue had become too small and plans to move to a new location began. In 1891 the company opened its doors at a new location on Ste. Catherine Street, which precipitated a shift in the fashionable downtown shopping area to Ste. Catherine Street. In 1923 an eight-floor addition doubled the space of the original 1891 store.

The 1950s saw the expansion of Morgan’s beyond downtown Montreal. Branches were opened in Toronto and Ottawa in the early 1950s, and, in 1953 Morgan’s became the first department store to locate a branch in the suburban Boulevard Shopping Centre (the largest strip plaza in Canada at the time) in northeast Montreal. At its peak of operation in the late 1950s, Morgan’s had 22 stores in Quebec and Ontario.

The company remained in family ownership until 1960 when it was sold to the Hudson’s Bay Company. The Ontario stores were folded into the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1964 and the original 1891 Montreal store was completely modernized in time for Expo ’67. The Quebec stores continued to sell under the Morgan name until 1972.

Second Annual Bulletin Board

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