Heavy Baggage

An interesting snippet I discovered yesterday from the Montreal Gazette, August 29, 1968:

“Women who carry heavy handbags sometimes suffer from unpleasant finger tingling… Dr. Ronald Barber, a diagnostic expert, told a group of physiotherapists heavy handbags can cause women to walk slightly off kilter. The result is pressure on certain nerve paths that causes the unpleasant sensation in the fingers… It was prevalent among women in Britain during the Second World War because they were forced to stand in queues for hours with heavy shopping bags to buy goods in short supply…”

It’s in the bag!

(Originally blogged July 6, 2009)

Ever since the Fashion History Museum was founded, the offer of donations of artifacts has been constant. I am already behind in cataloguing and sharing some of the donations on this blog. Last week we accepted a donation of 146 purses from the estate of a collector of beaded bags. So here are some highlights to give you an idea of what this collection holds!

By the way, the museum will hopefully have all of its acquisitions online, so some day anyone can access to see what we have in the storerooms, even when the items aren’t on display.