Fashion Hall of Obscurity – Hawai

3745144I came across these two vintage Keystone press photos recently and was interested to read the caption information on the back. Both images say the dresses were made by the Italian firm of ‘Hawai’. Hawai was founded in 1964 near Verona as a costume jewellery fittings manufacturer. These dresses were exhibited in October 1969 in Munich at a showcase of spring 1970 Italian fashions.┬áThe Hawaii company still exists (, and specializes in metal and plastic accessories for footwear, clothing, leather goods, and pet accessories.

4512035I have had the privilege of handling several chain-mail dresses by Paco Rabanne. He, of course, is the most famous designer and originator of chain-mail dresses, but, as I suspected, he was not the only designer of chain-mail inspired dresses and accessories.