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How the corset turned into a girdle… 1900 – 1919

Interesting chart I found online showing the shape changes 1900 – 1919 and how the corset became a girdle:

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Who killed the corset?

This interesting article brings a new contender forward as a possible leader for the abolishment of corsetry in the early 1900s – Mme Margaine-Lacroix. As early as 1899 she was producing what she called the ‘robe-sylphide’. Advertised as being “ sans corset” (without … Continue reading

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It’s a Cinch!

Join us at the Fashion History Museum during the month of March to make your own corset. For an hour each Wednesday evening (March 4, 11, 18, 25) designer Kerri Mercer of Black Orchid Designs, will guide you through the … Continue reading

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Fashion Myths – Rib Removal

This is an oft-repeated fashion myth that has been around for decades. However, there is no evidence that even one woman ever had a single rib surgically removed in the name of vanity. Although theoretically possible, chest operations are still … Continue reading

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