Future collectables – up-cycled purses

Something I am often asked is what I think will become collectable in the future. Outside of fashion I would recommend hanging onto your old technology – especially the smaller items like cellphones and Ipads — and keep the boxes they came in – if you think I am wrong check what a 1960s dinky toy is worth with and without its original box! However, when it comes to fashion, you might want to consider keeping examples of up-cycled garments. This is a trend I suspect will grow in popularity, especially as more clever, and artistic ways are discovered to reuse what is essentially garbage. A friend sent me these pics of upcycled purses made from belts, license plates, and LP records – I think they are great candidates as future collectables – but buy the ones that are identified by the maker’s name – a label is always a good thing and if you are putting it away for posterity, don’t forget to pop a little note in it saying when and where you bought it. This will add to its value in the future.