Happy 10th Anniversary to me!

I just realized my first blog entry was on October 26, 2008! My host accidentally erased the site in 2010, but I managed to recover most of what had been written, reposted, and kept on going.

The GREAT thing about blogging is that it helps to clear my mind. Once I write something down I can file away the floating pieces of paper, tagged websites, or magazines that clutter my life. I also get some great feedback from people who are related to or used to work for the people or companies I blog about. Sometimes the comments come from people who just know more than I do and their knowledge contributes to the blog.

The BAD thing about blogging is the commitment. A lot of people start blogging every day. As time passes the posts dwindle to once a week, then once a month – they inevitably stop after a couple of years. I have gone through bouts of being too busy or just not into it, but I find I eventually get re-enthused and return to blog again.

On average, I blog three times per week and I have turned down offers to monetize the site because, although I enjoy reading visitor comments, I ultimately write for myself. My style changes – sometimes I write in a chatty article kind of way, sometimes I write factually, like a museum label. This reflects my mood to some degree but also the reason why I am blogging that particular day.

I don’t foresee quitting the blog anytime soon as there always seems to be something to write about. So, here’s to another ten years!

Contemplating the work ahead to install our pop-up exhibition ‘Dressing Toronto’, opening tonight