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Catching Flies

I just read an interesting article about beauty marks or patches (called ‘flies’ in French). This is a rough English translation of that article by Corinne Thépaut-Cabasset, international relations historian and project manager at the Cultural Development Department of the … Continue reading

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Fashion in Song – Yankee Doodle Dandy c. 1760

Yankee Doodle Dandy was originally sung by British soldiers during the French Indian wars (1754-1763) in mockery of unsophisticated colonials. There were many verses and different versions of lyrics over the next few decades, but the one that stuck was … Continue reading

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1957 BBC series on fashion history by Doris Langley Moore

If you are interested in primarily 18th, 19th and early 20th century fashion then I highly recommend taking the time to view the following series of films. I never realized this series even existed until about a week ago when … Continue reading

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Film Costuming – Garrow’s Law

There are great films that have recreated 18th century dress extraordinarily well: The Lady and the Duke, Jefferson in Paris, The Affair of the Necklace, The Duchess, The Madness of King George, Dangerous Liasons, Marie Antoinette (if you exclude the … Continue reading

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Book Review – The Art of the Shoemaker

From Roman times until 19th century industrialization, shoemaking was learned through the apprenticeship method, with the tricks of the trade being passed down from master to apprentice. There had never been much interest for a ‘how-to’ manual of shoemaking until Diderot’s Encyclopedia was … Continue reading

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