Best Medieval shoe…ever

1300-1350 HaarlemHaarlem-bird-shoe-sideIt’s not often that such a great example of medieval clothing shows up. Most bits and pieces of shoes and clothing are retrieved from old latrines or burial sites and are not pretty to look at. This shoe, found in Haarlem, Netherlands, dates from the early 14th century, and exhibits some real whimsy and style. The side laced ‘bird’ shoe with decorative perforations was probably worn over brightly coloured hose, so it would have been quite eye catching.

4 thoughts on “Best Medieval shoe…ever

  1. I am Dutch, so I thought I would go and have a look at the museum’s website. I know a lot of Dutch museums only have a small amount of the information on their website translated to English. Unfortunately, this shoe was in an exhibition in 2010 and the archive on the museum’s website doesn’t go back that far.

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