Myth Information – Bridal Fingerless mittens

UnknownI have read and heard it repeated that fingerless mittens were invented for brides so they would be able to put their ring on during the ceremony. While it is true that many brides did wear fingerless mitts for this reason, the style was originally developed for keeping the hands warm while doing work that required the fingers to be free. Delicate versions were worn for writing or needlework, while sturdy wool or leather mitts were worn by both men and women for various other jobs.

2 thoughts on “Myth Information – Bridal Fingerless mittens

    • I recently watched a lecture about wedding fashions and the speaker referred to this being the reason why fingerless mittens were invented, and then a couple of weeks later I read it on a blog, so I don’t know if this is a new urban myth or just one that has been invented….

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