Off The Rack – W.J. Voit Rubber Company, 1922 – 1983

The Voit Rubber company was founded in Los Angeles in 1922 by W. J. Voit. Starting as a rubber tire manufacturer, the company branched into sporting goods and claimed they invented the inflatable beach ball in the late 1930s.

In 1957, the company was sold to AMF and in 1963 operations were moved to Santa Ana, California. It was around this time, when the company was at the height of its production, that a line of sneakers were added to their yield. Over the next twenty years the rubber business dwindled in the U.S., eventually leading to the closure of Voit in 1983.




5 thoughts on “Off The Rack – W.J. Voit Rubber Company, 1922 – 1983

  1. Hello, I have a very unusual request. My father, Francis Hinderscheid, was employed with Voit Rubber in 1963 while residing in Newport Beach, Ca. Would you by chance have those employment records? He is now deceased and we are working on geneology type issues. I was needing his address in Newport Beach during that time. I know this is a very long shot, but need to try. Thank you kindly, Leigh Medina.

    • The records would have gone to AMF (American Machine & Foundry) when Voit was bought out, however, AMF was itself bought out in a hostile takeover in 1985 and AMF’s holdings slowly sold off. I have no idea where the AMF archives would be now – but in most cases when defunct branches of companies are closed, the old archives are forgotten in an old warehouse somewhere, or destroyed. Sorry I can’t help.

    • I recommend that you contact the Sherman Gardens and Library in Corona Del Mar, 949-673-2261. They have many old telephone and address directories available to the public. You should be able to get something from one of their many local directories.

      Happy Hunting !!

      – jeff from costa mesa

  2. Howdy, my Grandfather- Virgil Edward Holihan worked for Voit before and through WW2 until 1966 or 67. He was in the pictures of the groung breaking of the Orange County plant.The family story is that after the war, Voit was in trouble because of the amount of Re-Tread operations for the war. My Grandpa went to (his longtime friend) Mr. Voit and suggested that the company develop a market to introduce re-treading (not re-caps) to the public. Unfortunately the pictures of the Orange County plant groundbreaking were lost due to a burglary. A friend of mine told me that the pictures were on displayed in the lobby of the Orange County plant. Is there any mention of my Grandfather in the Voit Rubber history? If so what do I need to do too get copies of that information?
    Thank You for anything that you can do. Edward Winslow

    • I didn’t see any information about any employees of the company – typical of corporate publications. Although sometimes the president and/or founder is featured, the rest of the company is rarely individualized in corporate histories.

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