2014 donations to the Fashion History Museum

Another year has yielded some fantastic donations for the museum. This year we added just over 600 items to the library and archives, and over 200 artifacts to the collection.

Silver sequin, metallic and black silk lace evening dress, labelled 'Made in France'. Donated by Jennifer Earle and originally owned and worn by her mother in the late 1920s.

14.07.06 Silver sequin, metallic and black silk lace evening dress, labelled ‘Made in France’. Donated by Jennifer Earle and originally owned and worn by her mother in the late 1920s.

On behalf of the FHM, I would like to thank all our donors this year: Elizabeth Stoodley, Cambridge; Christian Hernandez, Halifax; Paul Federico, Toronto; Carrie Pollack, Waltham MA; Steve Posner, Kitchener; Darlene Mason, Cambridge; Jeff Reitzel, Kitchener; Sheldon and Judy Godfrey, Toronto; Pam Weber, Calgary; The York Pioneer & Historical Society, Toronto; Maggie Lyons, Toronto; Mary Robak, Skokie IL; Elizabeth Bramlett, Asheville, NC; Deb Van De Water, Cambridge; Lois and Jim Toms, Toronto; Frances Dafoe, Toronto; Arlena Dodd, Victoria; James Fowler, Toronto; Robert Doyle, Stratford; John & Ruth Gillett, Toronto; Izzy Camilleri, Toronto; Jane Livingstone, St. Jacob’s: Annette Mocek, Toronto; Joyce Warren, Burlington; Mary-Jane Enros, Montreal; Donna and John Kimberley, Beamsville; Jennifer Earle, Burlington; Sydney Carruthers, Waterloo; Dorothy Wilson New Hamburg, Deborah Woffendon, Montreal, Maxine Wood, Burtchville, MI; Katie Vernon, Branchton; Susan Walford, Alert Bay; Barbara Wilson, Victoria; Merrily Walker, Cambridge.

Donation highlights this year include: the library of a retired university fashion and design teacher that includes rare and important volumes and publications including several early 1900s Canadian corset manufacturer’s catalogues; A large collection of 18th and 19th century lace; 250 photographs of New York department store fashion displays from the 1940s; Black lace evening gown c. 1905 by William Stitt, Toronto; Selection of hats from Chicago milliner Raymond Hudd; Many 19th century garments with Canadian provenances including a purple silk reception dress from c. 1875 and an early hand woven shawl, c. 1840; French Couture from Balenciaga, Balmain, and Yves St. Laurent, as well as designer garments from Dior, Ungaro, Pierre Cardin, Pucci, Granny Takes a Trip, Pauline Trigere, and Larry Aldrich; Several excellent quality unlabelled hand made evening dresses from the 1920s and 1930s such as the sequined dress above, as well as some fun items from more recent years like a Go-Go helmet from 1966!

This year’s artifact purchase by the Friends of the Fashion History Museum Collection Fund is a silk Egyptian coat decorated with appliques of ancient Egyptian figures that was made for the tourist market in the late 1920s. We were recently asked if images of the coat could be used to illustrate a book by Dr. S Bowker entitled “Khayamiya: Art of the Egyptian Tentmakers” to be published in 2016 by the American University in Cairo Press.

About Jonathan

Jonathan Walford is a fashion historian and co-founder of the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ontario. The FHM maintains a collection of nearly 12,000 artifacts dating from the mid 17th century to the present. Jonathan has authored various books and museum catalogues, including The Seductive Shoe, Shoes A-Z, Forties Fashion, 1950s American Fashion, and Sixties Fashion.
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6 Responses to 2014 donations to the Fashion History Museum

  1. Daniel says:

    Really curious to see the Granny Takes a Trip piece(s)! Those are VERY rare.

    • Jonathan says:

      Alas, it is but one piece… a man’s green velvet jacket c. 1970-72. It’s on the list to be photographed… Fortunately, it pairs up well with a Mr. Fish hat from the same period we got last year!

  2. Deborah says:

    Where is this museum? It sounds like it might be a fun field trip. I remember that you once came to the Toronto Guild of Stitchery and spoke to us. You brought a model with you and at the end of the talk, a young Edwardian woman was standing there. Do you still do that?

    • Jonathan says:

      We have no open galleries at the moment, but are working towards opening our new site next fall – probably early October. I don’t do those lectures right now as I have too much on my plate, but may revive the talk with the dressing sequence in the future. If you would like to be put on our newsletter (where you will be notified of all events and news of the museum) then please sign up via mailchimp and we will add you to our list. http://eepurl.com/D-Z_T

  3. Shelly Butterfield says:

    I have inherited a beautiful-floor length black velvet satin lined eveninq coat with rhinestone studded fastenerS. Has the FOG label. Is there anyone capable|in- the Seattle area to appraise lt. 1T is in very good Condition. your thoughts would be SO appreciated. IMO definately Museum quality.

    • Jonathan says:

      Sorry, I don’t know of anyone in the Seattle area, however, I would call the Seattle Art Museum and other museums and ask them to recommend an appraiser of textiles and clothing. I would also call the local auction houses – they will know of someone who can give appropriate appraisals.

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