Frugal vintage – Little Edie style…

I recently came across these photos of Little Edie (of Grey Gardens fame), wearing the same two piece dress. In 1937 when the dress was new, she wears the blouse tucked into the skirt. In the second photo taken in the mid 1940s, Edie is wearing the skirt underneath the blouse, which has had the sleeves reworked. Finally, in what is probably the mid 1960s, the hem of the skirt is crooked because she has hiked the waistbandĀ up to underneath her bosom, probably because it won’t close over her thicker waist, and the top has now had the sleeves removed.

2 thoughts on “Frugal vintage – Little Edie style…

  1. In the last photo, it looks as though she has actually rehemmed it on an angle and is wearing it over another skirt.. The angle if the pattern looks the same as in the first photo.

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