The Canadian Home Journal 1895 – 1958

Canadian Home Journal fashions May 1912

Canadian Home Journal fashions September 1912

There were two publications with this name. The first ‘Canadian Home Journal’ began being published in 1895 and ended sometime after 1901. This version was more of a woman’s magazine with little fashion advice. The second version which included more fashion began being published in 1905 under the name ‘The Home Journal’, with the word ‘Canadian’ added in 1910. ‘The Canadian Home Journal’ was Canada’s best selling women’s magazine. This was Canada’s version of the popular U.S. women’s publications: Ladies’ Home Journal, McCall’s, and Woman’s Home Companion, all of which were also available in Canada. Like its American counterparts, Canadian Home Journal offered fiction, recipes, and articles on child rearing, beauty care, homemaking, and decorating, as well as a monthly fashion spread illustrated with the latest patterns from Pictorial Review (until 1937 when Pictorial Review, an American pattern company, was bought out by Butterick patterns and Delineator magazine.)

In 1928 another Canadian women’s magazine was founded – Chatelaine, which was aimed at the exact same audience as the Canadian Home Journal. However, Chatelaine never managed to surpass Canadian Home Journal’s subscription rate. Millionaire investor Jack Kent Cooke bought Canadian Home Journal’s publisher, Consolidated Press, in 1952. However, Cooke’s interests soon veered towards sports teams and in 1958, The Canadian Home Journal was sold off to its competition – Chatelaine’s owners MacLean Publishing.

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