The FHM gallery will be closing December 22


Although we had originally intended to keep the FHM gallery until at least next summer we have decided now to close at the end of this month. The response to our ‘pop-up’ pilot museum has been exceptional. We have had over 7,000 visitors in four months, and that is with a zero dollar advertising budget and no school programs in place. All our promotion has happened through local media, museum and social networking, and word of mouth!

We were about to launch a membership program, as well as school and lecture programs, when we recognized that we first needed to find a site that is better suited for a museum environment. Although we love the architecture here, the space is too raw for museum conservation standards and is not suitable for us. While we look for a new location in the new year we will be working on “Street Style” an exhibition we are creating with the Waterloo Region Museum on the relationship between architecture and dress. This exhibition will be opening at the end of May 2014 at the Waterloo Region Museum. Stay tuned for more information about the museum in upcoming months!

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