The Year in Fashion – 2010

I am the first person to admit I don’t have a keen knowledge of contemporary fashion. Although I don’t consider designers who chuck sixteen year olds down runways in ruffled chiffon bath towels and raccoon eyes as the best stylemakers, I do try to keep up with real fashion as seen on the streets and in the shop windows as well as the real fashion news, not the pandering schmooze heard after runway shows… Here then is my top ten list of what I think was significant in fashion in 2010 and feel free to comment if you think I missed something!:

#10 – Handmade jewellery – I have seen more artsy, crafted jewellery this year than in many years past, from finely crafted steampunk bracelets to hand woven friendship bracelets – perhaps a trend or just a fad – only time will tell.

#9 – Where’s the denim? The everyday uniform of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and most of the 2000’s was a pair of blue jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt. All three of these icons of late 20th century style seem to be on the decline, at least for now.

#8 – Fur – I am not a member of Peta and I do eat meat, but do we really need to see the obvious use of fur in fashion? I thought wearing fur was in the same category of social suicide as whipping out a cigarette at the Christmas party. 

#7 – Shoulder Pads – not the big puffy Princess Di wedding dress sleeves or the Nolan Miller Dallas quarterback type shoulder pads, but small puffs and pointed shoulders do seem to be making a bit of a comeback…

#6 – Redone Vintage – I see more of this all the time and I can only hope that the people who are hacking hemlines off older dresses are making sure they don’t cut into couture because it is so unfixable. I once owned a Dior dress from 1952 that had about 12 inches hacked off the hemline in 1962, and when I resold it, I got about 25% of what it would have been worth, if the original hemline had been retained.

#5 – Leggings – Okay, I know these slipped back into fashion about 2 1/2 years ago, but this year they were epidemic. Wasn’t that look originally from the mid 90s? Do we really need to see it again so soon? 

#4 – The Biggest NON-fashion event of 2010 was Lady Gaga’s meat dress. That’s not fashion, that’s wearable art, and besides it’s so 1991… 

#3 – Ruffles – If you didn’t see a profusion of ruffled blouses and dresses this past year then you must be blind or living in a fashion vacuum.

#2 – Goodbye Alexander McQueen. Despite his overly-theatrical runway shows, the real clothes that hung in the shops by McQueen were flattering and beautifully made. His last collection showcased some of the biggest changes in 2010 fashion including overtly curvacious dresses and alien Rorschach-style prints, as well as the #1 fashion statement of 2010:  

#1 – The Signature Shoe – From hoof-looking boots by Alexander McQueen to 5 inch stilettos with platform soles by Nicholas Kirkwood, 2010 was all about statement footwear. The only problem is that these shoes are pretty much unwearable for anything but a red carpet walk. A pair of unwearable $2,000 shoes doesn’t make much sense, but when did fashion ever make total sense?

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  1. After hitting the shops this season after a multi-year hiatus, I was struck by: Lots of big knits, lots of ruffles and flowers, the lack of everyday dresses, how few structured jackets there were, how few woven fabrics I found compared to knits, and how the ladies suit has moved entirely to Business/Dressy.

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