aWEARness – Conestoga College Fashion Show

Rachel Buiks CC_3We went to Conestoga College’s ‘aWEARness’ Fashion show on Thursday night. The cleverly-named event was the college’s third annual show by graduating visual merchandising students. The idea of the aWEARness show began as a class assignment in 2011 and has grown every year into a charitable event (this year’s cause was organ donation.) The theme for the show was the elements – earth, fire, water, wind, metal, stone…

Keeping in mind that these are not fashion design students and that they have zero dollar budgets, the end results, although not couture creations, are exceptionally creative. One of my favourites represented ice – the student used plastic coverings from fluorescent light fixtures, broke them up and reglued them into a skirt that looked convincingly like the spring break up of ice on a river.  The theme of clouds was told in costumes that represented stages of  a storm, with a thunderous cloud portrayed by a padded collar of black tulle, trailing silver and black beads, trims, and strips of fabric for lightning, rain and hail. However, my personal ‘Best in Show’ favourite was created by Rachel Buiks who made a rain-theme costume using an inverted umbrella skirt and matching hat.

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