2 thoughts on “Shop Windows – Schiaparelli, Place Vendome, Paris, May 9, 1960

  1. Wish I could see that yellow, blue and white scarf better. It looks very familar, I think I have a similar Schiaparelli scarf. Didn’t realise there was still a Schiaparelli shop in Paris after the closure of the couture biz in 1954, but thinking about it, that was pretty disingenuous – they would’ve had to sell all the hats and scarves and whatnots somewhere.

  2. Apparently Schiaparelli was quite active in maintaining quality, contributing to, and approving designs for all items sold under her name after 1954, at least for a while. Her interest gradually dwindled, which explains why some of the Schiaparelli licensed goods from the 50s are great, and some of the late stuff from c. 1970, like the men’s ties, are just awful.

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