1950s American Fashion: review

I received a very nice review of my 1950s American Fashion book from Lizzie Bramlett. If you read my blog you will likely enjoy her blog as well as it is filled with great information and thoughtful insights into the world of collecting, vintage clothing, and the history of fashion, brands, and textiles. Of course I read it for the fabulous book reviews!  I was especially flattered by her review of my book when she pointed out that: “For such a small book – there are only 64 pages – Walford packs in a lot of information.  So much of fashion history is written about the famous names, and when the emphasis is on American fashion, that usually means New York designers.  But here Walford gives a clear picture of how so much of the fashions being created in the US in the 1950s came from places like St. Louis and Honolulu.”

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  1. Received my book just a few days ago, and fully agree with Lizzie. It’s wonderful, Jonathan! Congratulations (and thanks for the sweet inscription. made me smile). – Liza

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