Fadshions – 1964 Beatles fashions

Men’s ankle boots with elastic gores and Cuban heels became known as Chelsea or Beatles boots in 1964, but that same year there were more than just boots inspired by the Beatles:

4 thoughts on “Fadshions – 1964 Beatles fashions

  1. I’m intrigued by the visible garter on all three models in the first picture. Was that a fad at the time?

    • I have seen single garters used in some fashion shots from about this time – usually with ‘flapper’ style cocktail dresses, which I always thought was just a photo styling thing, but maybe it was a short-lived fad. I haven’t found any article about it but will keep my eye open. It could also have been a regional fad that didn’t last long enough to spread or create discussion in the fashion press.

  2. It is possible that these are Beatles themed garters, with a photo of one – or all- of the Fab Four printed on the charm. I know these were made, but can’t see the garter in the photo well enough to know for sure.

    • That could be… I didn’t find any information about Beatles garters, but it is a staged photo and the garters are prominently featured.

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