As Seen In – Margaret Layton bodice and portrait, c. 1610s

Embroidered bodice, c. 1610s

Portrait of Margaret Layton wearing the bodice, c. 1610s

London’s Victoria and Albert Museum has one of the world’s top  fashion treasures – a 1610s bodice and a portrait of Margaret Layton, the original owner, wearing it!  I believe it’s the earliest example of an extant fashionable garment also appearing in an original period image.

2 thoughts on “As Seen In – Margaret Layton bodice and portrait, c. 1610s

  1. Amazing! I saw an exhibition at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam some years ago – they had a pair of wedding gloves and a portrait of its owner showing them. I just checked the book again – they’re 1622, Dutch – but the museum only has the gloves, the whereabouts of the actual painting are listed as “unknown” but a print exists. The gloves had remained in the original owner’s family for centuries. They are amazing – soft white leather with richly embroidered cuffs, and they’re clearly visible in the painting, which was probably her wedding portrait.

  2. A fair number of those early 17th century/late 16th century gloves seem to have survived but I didn’t know about the Dutch pair with the portrait.

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