Happy Birthday Edith Head…

Born Edith Claire Posener in San Bernardino, California, October 28, 1897. Designed the costumes for over 430 films, from Wings in 1927 to Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid in 1982. Won Academy awards for costume design for films: The Sting (1974),  The Facts of Life (shared with Edward Stevenson, 1961), Sabrina (1955), Roman Holiday (1954), A Place in the Sun (1952), All About Eve (black and white 1950, shared with Charles Le Maire), Samson and Delilah (Colour 1950, shared with Dorothy Jeakins, Eloise Jenssson, Gile Steele, and Gwen Wakeling), and The Heiress (1950, shared with Gile Steele). She was known for being photographed wearing blue lensed glasses – they were used to see how colours would photograph in black and white on film.

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