Steam-punk Sasquatch?

In a vanity search this morning I discovered the Toronto Electric Rider’s Association website that promoted our 12.12.12 Life in Three Centuries exhibition at the Markham museum. In response to our motoring outfit look, one reader posted the following article about a winter head covering for motorists that appeared in Popular Mechanics, April 1911.

5 thoughts on “Steam-punk Sasquatch?

    • Okay, you got me… I had to look up what a Gonk was! So in retaliation, do you know what an Ootpik is? It might be too Canadian and old a reference for you!

  1. Jonathan,

    Well, you have done it! That is finally one piece of head gear that I never even heard of. It is an astounding discovery to me. Now I simply have to have one in my hat collection. Good Lord, every time I visit your blog I get blown away and wonder why I don;t visit more often. Quirky, yet educational. I like your statement about rarely “oozing about Coco” !!! All the best and thanks for all the interesting posts.

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