Nuclear Fashion

The Fashion History museum’s exhibition Nuclear Fashion opens Tuesday, October 2 at the Joseph Brant Museum in Burlington, Ontario.

This exhibition includes period store mannequins and over 60 advertisements, dating between 1946 and 1964 aimed at the suburban nuclear family for products ranging from Ked’s shoes to Maidenform bras.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Fashion

  1. I have always LOVED the use of contemporary mannequins with their clothes. I hear they’re doing a book based on the Dress of the Year collection at the Fashion Museum in Bath, but sadly that they won’t be using the original custom-designed mannequins donated at the same time as each Dress of the Year was donated, which I think is a real shame because it’s a pretty unique collection in that respect.

  2. I like using original mannequins at times, but it can get a bit wax-museumy looking if you aren’t careful. However, the Dress of the Year book makes sense to use the original mannequins acquired at the same time as the garments. How odd that they didn’t use them.

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