Trash the Dress

“Trash the Dress’ is a trend that has been around for about a decade, whereby a bride wears her wedding gown for a series of photos after the ceremony that essentially ruin the wedding dress.

My sudden hiatus the past three weeks was due to a publishing deadline I needed to concentrate upon. With that now under control I began contemplating what to blog about when a news snippet caught my eye about a woman drowning in her wedding dress.

In Rawdon, Quebec a recently married bride wanted to be photographed in a “Trash the Dress” photo shoot. This is a trend that apparently started in 1998 after a soap opera character ran into the ocean while wearing her wedding gown. Soon afterwards, brides started having photos taken of themselves wading into the ocean or some other activity that ‘trashed’ the dress. Many images I found online retell the story of Ophelia – the character from Hamlet who goes mad and drowns in a river.

In a tragic twist of fate, this is what happened to the 30-year-old Quebec woman last Friday. Wading into the shallow and calm Ouareau river, the dress became waterlogged, pulling her down and into the current. The photographer and a witness tried to help, but couldn’t save her because the dress became too heavy.

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  1. I heard an interview with the photographer on the radio where he told about what had happened, but had no idea this was a trash the dress session. How tragically ironic!

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