Chapeaux Modernes, summer 1938

This was just one of the many 1930s and 1940s French magazines, which included a near complete run of wartime L’Officiels, that were stolen from us five years ago. I have a good idea who took them (we had some people who usually worked in theatres building sets, helping with the renovation and painting of our house at the time.) I was really angry and depressed about the essentially irreplaceable loss of reference material for years, but now I just hope that they take care of them. It was a life lesson…

2 thoughts on “Chapeaux Modernes, summer 1938

  1. How tragic that these resources were taken from you – they are so hard to find anymore. I grew up pouring over my mother’s French fashion magazines although they were from a later time period. The 30s were the best though.

  2. I lucked out with the French L’Officiels – I found them on eBay in the early years when shipping was cheaper from Europe and fewer people were buying vintage fashion magazines. Believe me, I was depressed about this for years. Of ALL the magazines to take, they took the least replaceable of anything in my library.

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