Hoofing It…

A friend sent me a link to Boingboing that featured an image of a moonshiner’s shoe from 1922. The May 27, 1922 issue of The Evening Independent had a story about moonshiners wearing shoes designed to leave cow hoof tracks rather than footprints to trick police from finding where they had stashed their stills. This isn’t the first time such shoes were made. I have seen Dutch clogs with heels carved at the toe so they leave backwards prints, and shoes with horseshoes on the soles, made for the intention of deceiving followers.

2 thoughts on “Hoofing It…

  1. Curious where the term ‘hoofers’ originates? Have seen it in reference to dancers but is there any connection to a specific shoe design or nick name?

    • According to Online Etymology – to ‘hoof it’, as in to walk briskly, is an English term dating back to the 1640s, but it is American slang dating back to about 1920 when used in reference to dancing.

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