Canadian Fashion Connection – Miss Elliette

Miss Elliette dress mid 1950s

Elliette Ellis was one of six children born to Lebanese immigrant parents in Montreal in about 1924. Elliette went to the Traphagen School of Fashion in New York to learn the dress business and after graduating went to work in a New York dress firm to learn the business hands on. As a shrewd business woman, she negotiated her first job to be paid as a percentage of the profits rather than a salary. With a modest investment she went out to Los Angeles to open her own company in 1952. The company became known for its feminine chiffon cocktail fashions. The company went public in 1961, and diversified into banking and investments in 1968. The company ceased making clothes in the 1990s but is still active in business.

The Fashion History Museum doesn’t currently have a Miss Elliette dress in its collection, the one shown is from Tova’s Vintage Shop on Etsy

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Jonathan Walford is a fashion historian and co-founder of the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ontario. The FHM maintains a collection of nearly 12,000 artifacts dating from the mid 17th century to the present. Jonathan has authored various books and museum catalogues, including The Seductive Shoe, Shoes A-Z, Forties Fashion, 1950s American Fashion, and Sixties Fashion.
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  1. Larry says:

    I worked for a company in Denver, Co in 1969 that acquired Miss Elliette for a brief time.
    I used to travel to LA to do financial work at “Miss Elliette, which was located on S. Los Angeles St., LA.
    I would see Miss Elliette in the office and in the manufacturing area almost everyday when I was there. She was a very nice lady, and quite “colorful”. A very talented artist, and skilled designer.
    Our company also owned another dress maker named Helen Rose Daytime casuals.
    Helen Rose was a well know Hollywood movie dress designer.
    i am curious to know if anyone has any current history for Miss Elliette Ellis?

    • Jonathan says:

      That’s interesting information – thanks for sharing! I will have to do another websearch soon and see if I can find any information about her. At this point I assume we would be looking for an obituary – and they often have great information.

  2. Bruce says:

    Thank God no obituary yet! I spoke with her and her husband Ro ert(97) this morning. My mother is 95 and can still walk 3 miles and up the hill to her house from the market. Her mother, at age 103 climbed over the gunall and took the helm of our small sailboat, and sailed us out of Marina Del Rey At age 103. She and Her daughter Elliette were given a small Boston Whaler by Bob and Bill (BodyGlove) and used to fish King Harnor almost every day when Rsmza was 95-105. Elliette’s mother died at 109 surrounded by all her children and most of her grandchildren. She let everyone know in advance they better show up to say goodbye. She would still be Ali e had she not had macular degeneration which made her loose the will to live. Miss Elliette’s older brother Elie and older sister Elaine are still alive. Elaine is sharp as a tack and still instantly knows all her nieces and nephews and most of the great ones by name on sight! Believe me when I say you want those mitochondrion…am blessed to have them.

    • Jonathan says:

      Glad to hear it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello! I am a fashion photographer located in Arizona and recently, I acquired one of her stunning 1970‘s dresses in excellent condition! I loved it so much, I did a shoot with it. If at all possible, I would love nothing more than to be able to send Ms. Ellis the pictures I took. I admire her as such a lovely designer as well as a pioneer of her time! This would mean everything to me. Please don’t hesitate if there is any way in which I may be able to accomplish this.

  3. Cherry says:

    I found one of her dresses in Cape Town South Africa where i live. Amazing how far it came. It said California below the label and i was curious so i googled it and here i am.
    fun times

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