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Jerry Edouard shoes was a line of shoes made by Jerry Miller, the grandson of shoe doyen I. Miller. His shoes were made in Greece from 1969 to 1973. I suspect this picture (below) of Tina Turner in c. 1970 shows her wearing an identical pair of Jerry Edouards shoes identical to the pair (left) from the Fashion History Museum collection.

From a snippet in the ‘Arizona Republic’ from Feb. 24, 1970 found by Lynne Ranieri, Jerry Miller is introduced as the president of Edouard Jerrold International Inc. He explains the ‘Jerry Edouard’ shoes are “…designed by an English girl, Moya Bowler…” ┬áThe article later states that Jerry Miller spends a lot of time in Europe, visits the Greek factory often, and maintains that “London still sets the trend for young women…”

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Jonathan Walford is a fashion historian and co-founder of the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ontario. The FHM maintains a collection of nearly 12,000 artifacts dating from the mid 17th century to the present. Jonathan has authored various books and museum catalogues, including The Seductive Shoe, Shoes A-Z, Forties Fashion, 1950s American Fashion, and Sixties Fashion.
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5 Responses to Fashion Hall of Obscurity – Jerry Edouard

  1. selene says:

    I had a very similar pair to these that were part of an art exhibition Swing Shoe Shop, you can see them on my website, see They were made in Greece by Sevastakis, and sold at Saks.

    • Jonathan says:

      They are the same designer, who was Moya Bowler, an English designer who was commissioned by Jerry Eduoard, who had the shoes made in Greece by Sevastakis. The gallery show and sale is an interesting concept that would raise a lot of controversy in the museum community because of how it blurs commercial enterprise with museum exhibition.

  2. Very interesting Jonathan. I have always wondered why some Jerry Edouard designs have replicas made by other company’s.

    • Jonathan says:

      I have seen that curved heel copied by other manufacturers even though it was around for such a short period of time.

  3. Bought a pair of solid black pumps back in 1969 I believe. Wore the a lot. My daughter grew up and wore them in a play where she was an old lady. I always loved wearing tjem with slacks because someone would always comment on how tiny my feet looked. Still have them.

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