Speaking of Mondrian…

Advertisement for I. Miller, 1961

The first Mondrian painting I ever saw was at the Guggenheim in New York. I was surprised by how small it was and how evident the brush strokes were, and yet, its simplicity was inspiring. It seems a lot of people think¬†Yves St. Laurent was the first fashion designer to be inspired by Mondrian when he used it for colour blocking wool jersey dresses in 1966 (like the one illustrated in my previous blog ‘Too Much Vintage?”) But he wasn’t the first as this advertisement for I. Miller shoes from 1961 proves.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Mondrian…

  1. Hello Jonathan!
    I was glad to see your post regarding the I Miller shoes, and the accompanying advertisement.
    I just saw a pair of these coming up for auction this weekend, on Denise Ryan’s auction site (got it through auction zip, or liveauctioneers).
    I figured they were produced in response to the color block dress, but, interestingly enough, they are earlier, as your advertisement shows.
    Hope you are doing well, I will keep an eye on your blog.

    Best, Sue.

    • Hi Sue! I think I can safely say that YSL wasn’t exactly the most original designer out there… he borrowed a lot of ideas from other people…

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