As seen in… Norma Kamali, Oleg Cassini, Chanel and Davidow

(Originally blogged October 7, 2009)

What happened to September? I have spent most of the last two months finishing off my next book ‘Shoes A-Z since 1950’ but more about that later… In the process of research I came across the cover of Sport Style magazine from August 1, 1983 that shows Norma Kamali’s high heeled sneakers and socks, which I also own (including the socks!)

When it rains it pours… while looking through early 1960s Vogue magazines I came across an article from October 1961 about Davidow suits in New York and their affiliation with Chanel in Paris. Pictured in black and white is the Chanel original, and in colour, my Davidow copy. Similarily, from May 1962 Vogue I found an advertisement for ’California Girl’ tabbard dress and in colour is my Oleg Cassini using the identical fabric.

I love finding images of things in the collection in period magazines –check out the tag ‘As Seen In’ for more examples…

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