Canadian Fashion Connection – Warren K. Cook

Warren K. Cook (1887 – 1972)

The Cook Clothing Company was founded in Toronto in 1920 by Warren K. Cook. He later established an eponymously named high end menswear line in 1935. In 1949 Warren’s son William A. Cook took over the business and officially changed the name of the company to Warren K. Cook Ltd., trademarking a signature label the following year. 

The company produced top-of-the-line suits for menswear shops across the country, but also offered custom work until 1989 when William Cook sold the family business. The new owners were the Hamilton menswear company Coppley that was known for its quality menswear produced under the labels Cambridge and Keithmoor, as well as licensed brands like Ralph Lauren. Coppley continued to produce the Warren K. Cook line, which featured hand set sleeve linings and a signature detail on all Cook jackets – a slightly flared cuff with a single button. This feature that can be seen in films of Oscar Peterson playing the piano in his Cook suits. 

Warren Cook died in 1972, and William Cook died in 2003. Coppley was bought out in 1998 and the Toronto offices for Warren Cook were closed that same year. The new owners of Coppley held the Warren K. Cook trademark until 2009. The trademark was expunged in 2011.

Oscar Peterson wearing a Warren K. Cook jacket (the cuff with a slight flare is typical of Cook jackets)

7 thoughts on “Canadian Fashion Connection – Warren K. Cook

  1. I was a Cook dealer in Regina in the 1980’s. I really enjoyed your article. I knew Bill Cook but unfortunately not his father. I was told by a Cook representative that warren knew all his employees and the painting you show (which I saw at the factory) was a gift to Mr. Cook from his employees.
    Men with such high taste levels as both Warren and Bill Cook are sadly missing in this age.
    Thanks again.

  2. My father had many Warren K. Cook suits during his very successful career in Life and Casualty Insurance, Real Estate and other partnerships. His friends were all professionals and he really stood out above all of them in these suits. They lasted a long time and Mom took the retired suits to make clothing for my brother and me, and no one else our age had trousers and vests made with such quality of cloth.

  3. Hello. I began my retailing career at a very high end clothing store in Ontario. At the age of 20, I had the pleasure of owning a number of custom made suits from the Warren K. Cook Company. Over the years I owned Samuelson and Coppley clothing, however , nothing compared in quality, fabric, style and fit of a Cook’s suit. The finest ever made in Canada.

  4. I found a Warren K. Cook Wooden Clothes Hanger in
    my Basement recently must have been from my
    In-Law’s who have long passed away

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