Lovable Brassiere Co. (c. 1932 – 1998)

Polish-born Frank Gottesman met and married his Austrian-born wife Gussie in New York City, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia where Frank worked in a ladies undergarment factory. In 1926 he bought the factory and by 1932 had renamed and trademarked his company as the Lovable Brassiere Company. 

Frank also fully integrated the work floor and lunchroom – a progressive move for a southern company at the time. The company was also progressive with wages, paying workers $9 per week – well above the national average.

At some point after 1940 Frank changed the family’s last name to the more American-sounding Garson. Although the sewing was eventually sent off-shore, the company remained a family-run business until a deal with Walmart, their biggest buyers, changed the terms of their agreement and forced Lovable to close in 1998. The company’s name was picked up by an Indian company that now makes brassieres under the Lovable brand name.

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