Canadian Fashion Connection Everywoman’s World Magazine 1914 – 1923

Everywoman’s World magazine first appeared in 1914. Founded by Isidor Simonski of the Continental Publishing Company, Toronto. Although The Canadian Home Journal, founded in 1895, had a 50% female readership, Simonski realized there was no magazine in Canada that exclusively marketed to female consumers. Everywoman’s World was an instant hit and by 1921, the publication boasted the highest per issue circulation of any Canadian magazine to date, with 106,167 monthly readers.

The publication is an interesting mixture of fashion and household management, alongside articles with feminist interests, from reportage on various women’s organizations to what women can do to help win the Great War. The magazine favoured women writers, including Lucy Maude Montgomery. There are several issues available online here but despite its popularity, surviving examples of the actual magazines are rare. The last reference I can find for the publication dates from 1923, which must be the last year it was printed. Not sure how a publication can go from the highest circulation in Canada to defunct in two years! If the Continental Publishing Company in Toronto was associated in any way with an American publishing company of the same name, the U.S. company was dissolved in 1925, however, it is not clear if there was any association.

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