Fashion in Song – Who Threw the Overalls in Mrs Murphy’s Chowder – 1898

There was a fondness for ‘Irish’ songs at the turn-of-the-century, although few were actually Irish melodies, but rather comic or sentimental songs with Irish themes or characters. This song was written by George L. Geifer in 1898 and originally recorded by Edward M. Favor in 1901. It was later recorded by Bing Crosby on December 6, 1945.

Mrs. Murphy gave a party ’bout a week ago
everything was plentiful the Murphys they’re not slow
they treated us like gentlemen we tried to act the same
except for what had happened well it was an awful shame
When Mrs. Murphy dished the chowder out she fainted on the spot
she found a pair of overalls at the bottom of the pot
Tim Nolan he got hoppin’ mad his eyes were bulging out
he jumped up om the piano and began to scream and shout

Who Threw The Overalls in Mrs, Murphy’s Chowder?
Nobody spoke so they shouted all the louder
it’s an Irish trick that’s true
I can lick the Mick that threw
the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder

Well they fished the pants from out the soup and laid them on the floor
every man swore up and down he’s ne’er seen them before
they were plastered up with morter and worn out at the knees
they had their manys ups and downs as we could plainly see
when Mrs. Murphy she “came to” she began to cry and pout
she had them in the wash that day and forgot to take them out
Tim Nolan had apologised for what he said that night
so we put the words to music and we sang with all our might OH ! CHORUS

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