4 thoughts on “Canadian Fashion Connection D’arcy Moses

  1. Thanks for your Blog post. I really appreciate it.
    I remember each garment very clearly – I personally sewed each one.

    Still in the garment business, after all of these years.

    Really hope that this Vid-clip inspires other young designers wanting to get into the business of fashion. Creating Beautiful work, hard work – many, many long hours and Designer Instinct when it comes to Style. Also, keep your Design mentors at hand, always. Mine are; Cristobal Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Coco Chanel and add Bill Blass… there are a few others. (They are all deceased, with Respect. But, they continue to Inspire me….)

    Check out my FB page to see what I am up to. I really miss Couture… like Seriously.

    Also working on a Banff Center for the Arts and Creativity Residency. A program working with, teaching other designers how to build Couture in the modern age. Computer Tech techniques and re-purposing fashion. Starts this fall, check out the BCA sight – intermittent 3 year program.

    Thanks Jonathan,

    D’Arcy Moses

    • Thanks for chiming in D’Arcy – I have always been a fan of your work and the museum has at least three pieces from your work in the 90s!

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