2 thoughts on “New Website Launched for Fashion History Museum!

  1. It looks wonderful!!! I really enjoyed looking through the exhibits online. They don’t really work on a mobile browser (maybe on a larger screen such as a tablet), but really look great on a PC, especially as you can see the captions and information on there.

    One tiny fact check on the 1961 London Worth wedding dress which has been attributed to Elspeth Champcommunal. She retired around 1953/54, so the dress would have been designed by her successor, Owen Hyde Clark.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. We were having problems with the mobile version, but I believe the basic stuff – like how to get there, admission, hours etc. is all good on mobile – it was the feature exhibitions etc. that were problematic – hopefully wix improves or solves the problem… We also had problem with the presentations being cliackable from the past exhibitions list because either EVERYTHING has to have a link button, or nothing can have a link button – can’t be mixed…. very frustrating… Thanks for the info about Elspeth Champcommunal, I thought I got that attribution from you, but it must have been someone else — I will update right away!

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