How to Stay Spiffy

I was stumped earlier this year when I was contacted by the Carleton Place and Beckwith Museum with a picture of a wire thingy in their collection and asked if I knew how it was used… I couldn’t help. However, when they did find an identical one on its original display card they shared their find. It’s an early 1940s collar stay to keep men’s collar points crisp!

4 thoughts on “How to Stay Spiffy

  1. I’ve just googled this as I was reading a biography of a guy who joined the USAAF in 1942 and had to buy one. Never heard of it before

    • My father was a TSGT into USAAF and gave it to me to use with my Class A uniform in ROTC in 1967 – 69. I kept using it on active duty in the 70’s. The A uniform was a tan shirt, black tie, green trousers and green blouse. It was still the A uniform when I separated in ’76. The Spiffy gave the shirt collar a sharp, crisp look.

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