School Shooting Chic

Bstroy hoodies – THE fashion faux pas of 2019

You have probably never heard of the label Bstroy, and hopefully you will never hear of them again after their extraordinarily offensive spring 2020 men’s collection of hoodies with holes, simulating bullet holes. What is profoundly obscene about this collection is that the hoodies bear the names of schools devastated by mass shootings: Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and Columbine.

Social media feedback was swift and blunt, with many comments coming from survivors and family members of victims of these shootings. One student at Stoneman Douglas texted “My dead classmates should not be a fucking fashion statement.”

Bstroy responded in a post that said the hoodies were to point out how unpredictable, and painfully ironic life can be.

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