Dress Codes in the news — again

Last year’s kerfuffle over leggings worn on air flights, has now shifted to rompers. American Airlines threatened to kick this woman and her son off a flight between Jamaica and Miami unless she covered up. The alternative was to wear a blanket as she boarded the plane. She took the blanket option, but is now calling American Airlines to task over the incident. The airlines has a vague ‘inappropriate dress’ clause on their agreement with passengers but needs to be more specific if it expects to enforce a dress code without accusations of racism, sizism, etc. Keeping in mind this flight was in summer, and between Jamaica and Miami. I suspect most passengers were not wearing much more than this.

The outfit in question…

2 thoughts on “Dress Codes in the news — again

  1. All the potentially offensive bits are covered and then some. If you can get into an eating establishment like this, why not an airplane? I wouldn’t have the nerve to wear this, but I see worse on the street every day in the summer. What am I missing?

    • Exactly! I don’t love her outfit but I wouldn’t tell her she can’t come into the museum wearing it. I fear it has more to do with her size and colour than the outfit…

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