Camping It Up On The First Monday In May

Last night’s Met gala event for their latest exhibition ‘camp’ was all about being ‘extra’ — tacky, over-the-top, cheesy, artificial, tasteless, ostentatious, exaggerated, and probably gender and age inappropriate… Needless to say, the fashions worn on the red carpet were not really about clothes, but costume one-offs. There was no point to judging who wore what best because everyone went campy.

However, I thought there were some looks worth noting:

Zendaya’s transformation from a dress of grey ash into a Cinderella blue ball gown – total Disney Camp!

4 thoughts on “Camping It Up On The First Monday In May

    • I have no idea who that is… I am getting too old to keep up with the model du jour! (I looked her up..)

    • HA – I had to look it up – I didn’t see it in the photo spread I looked at – yes it’s GREAT! Violet Chachki is VERY creative.

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