Canadian Fashion Connection – Applegath Hats (1885 – 1964)

Applegath Hats in the House of Hobberlin, 1913

Applegath Hats¬†was, at one time, Toronto’s largest haberdasher. The business was begun by Llewellyn John Applegath as an adjunct business within the men’s clothier House of Hobberlin, at the corner of Richmond and Yonge streets, when Hobberlin was founded in 1885. By 1913 Applegath had become so large a second store opened further up on Yonge street, two more stores followed in later years. The company’s peak year of sales was 1946, but then a decline in sales set in as more men began going hatless. Stores were closed in 1954, 1960, and 1962. The final store was closed in July 1964 by Harold Applegath, grandson of the founder. (With thanks to Marianne Dow for finding an article about the closing of the store!)

Yonge street near Trinity square, showing the second location of Applegath hats, c. 1930

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2 Responses to Canadian Fashion Connection – Applegath Hats (1885 – 1964)

  1. MARIANNE DOW says:

    LJ Applegath’s and Sons closed in 1964 –

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks Marianne for this article – it didn’t come up in my searches. Maybe newspaper archives no longer shows up in Google searches? I spent over an hour trying to find any reference to when the store closed!

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