Guy to Goddess – tips for a Drag Queen…

The Dumbells: WW1 Canadian entertainment troop c. 1917

I came across a leaflet in my ‘gender identity’ file from the 1995 Gay Pride Day in Toronto with tips every drag queen should know. So in honour of Gay Pride 2011, here are the top five tips for drag queens:

Tip 5: Breasts can be constructed from bags filled with bird seed or rice, or balloons filled with a mixture of water and gelatin

Tip 4: Nail glue is also useful for holding clip-on earrings in place, however you may need solvent to remove them and that could make your lobes a little red for a while

Tip 3: To avoid slipping on stage while wearing spikes, make it tacky by spilling coke on it

Tip 2: Never wear a sequinned jacket with a long wig, the wig will get tangled and come off with the jacket. Similarly, never wear rhinestones with satin – they claw and will scar the surface of the fabric

Tip 1: Drink beer through a straw, it’s easier on the lipstick – but remember, the more you drink, the more you’re going to have to untuck and tuck, while wearing nails

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