Colourizing the past

This image was recently posted on a site that showed various ethnographic costumes colourized. Unfortunately, not all the colours were correct. However a woman, Sari de Groot, who viewed the images and knows quite a bit about this area’s folk dress added some interesting info. I am paraphrasing her comments: “This Dutch woman is from Zuid Beverland, Zeeland. She is protestant, married, and has at least one child. The colouring of the 2 “stukken” (pins) is wrong, they are always gold. She wears squares on the side of the bonnet. When she is an unmarried girl, she has a big one on the right, when she married but has with no children then she has a big one the left, and when she has a child she has big ones on both sides. The closing locket is at the back of the bloodcoral necklace also means she is married. When she is a widow she will wear the locket in the front.

To see other colourized versions: click here.

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