More WTF (What the Fashion) Shock Chic

This is an excellent example of a wearable art collection that presents itself as a provocative fashion idea, but is not intended to be taken as a serious fashion direction. These collections get far more attention than they warrant, mostly due to social media. This collection, which pretends to be a serious suggestion for transgender chic, isn’t made well and doesn’t present any new ideas not already seen in the Rocky Horror Picture Show over 40 years ago. Few designers can make successful ‘shock chic’ collections. The few who can make it work have superior design skills and technical prowess (McQueen, Herpen, Viktor & Rolf…)

Latest Menswear Collection by Spanish Fashion Label Palomo

4 thoughts on “More WTF (What the Fashion) Shock Chic

  1. Just said this on the same link on a friend’s Facebook page:

    Christopher Shannon has been doing amazing menswear incorporating deliberately “feminine” ruffles, embroidery, and other flourishes, whilst Craig Green won Dress of the Year last year for his totally unisex clothes that work equally for men and women alike. Both are very successful young British designers. More established designers such as Gaultier and Westwood have been challenging the idea of traditional masculinity for years.

    The message this designer is giving through their model and styling choices is that for a man to wear “feminine” clothing he must look like a miserable victim forced to wear uncomfortable clothes. It taps right into the idea that fashion is evil, and that fashion victims have no choice but to wear whatever they are told is fashionable. Honestly I do see this as not an empowering gender equality statement, but a mockery of sexuality and humanity. They look like half starved prisoners forced to wear women’s clothes for the amusement of the authorities. Maybe that’s the idea, as a commentary on the fashion industry, in which case the collection is not a fashion collection, but a performance art piece.

    Give me Marc Jacobs in his black lace dress or Kurt Cobain’s baby doll frock any day if we want to talk about men wearing clothing not traditionally seen as male, and owning the look. It can be done.

    • I think you hit on a big problem I have with a lot of these recent gender-bender collections – they are making the men look like they are being punished. Thom Browne’s collection with the men in high heels and skirts does the same thing.

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