Fashion in Song – Blue Jeans

In Honour of the Canadian Tuxedo here are 17 songs about Blue Jeans for Canada’s Sesquicentennial:

Venus in Blue Jeans, 1962

Blue Jeans, 2012

Forever in Blue Jeans, 1978

Dem Jeans, 2006

Blue Jean Blues, 1975

Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk, 1982

Old Blue Jeans, 2007

Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On, 1993

Dirty Denim, 2002

Blue Jean Baby, 2013

Blue Jean Bop, 1956

Blue Jeans, 2009

Blue Jeans, 1996

Jeans On, 1977

Levi Jeans, 2012

Blue Jean Boy, 1958

My Jeans, 1985

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