3 thoughts on “Myth Information: It took hours to get dressed…

  1. Thank you very much for such an interesting video link. Always was thinking you need at least an assistant and about 40 min to dress up back in that time.
    Thank goodness it was no make up like nowadays with contouring and layering. It’s almost stage make up which takes some ladies 45 min to put on each morning nowadays 🙂 plus an outfit.
    Regarding history of corsets do you know if pregnant women wore them as well meaning some sort of special ones or none?

    Aida A.

    • Corsets were sometimes worn in the early months, and I have seen ‘pregnancy’ corsets with adjustable sides for the growing pregnancy, but for the most part, once the pregnancy affected a woman’s ability to wear her existing clothes, many women donned wrappers (dressing gowns) and were ‘confined’ to home for the duration. I have seen very few photographs of pregnant women in outdoor clothing.

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